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need EIFS phone and emotional support.


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This is an instance where I thought I knew everything and now find myself a bit lacking in practical experience.

We seldom see any eifs in our area; maybe two or three a year company wide. I have a fair amount of classroom and field experience, however now find myself lacking in detailing experience and knowledge of joints and seams - between board, finish and dis-similar materials.

I need to talk to someone that is knowledgeable with eifs and northern climate.

my email is lvanals@aol.com or pm me here.


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Thanks to everyone for the responses and messages.

this is a really simple condition that turned into a nightmare! The central concern was the seam between a concrete porch(poured in place) and a Dryvit wall. porch was level and the seam leaked. I found zillions of recommendations for that seam, but nothing direct other than sealant.

all parties are taking a break for a week or so and I am TOO! thanks again.

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By your description alone it would be impossible to determine cause or action needed. But in my opinion I don't think it is necessary and I would simply state that water damage was noted and add the disclaimer.

If you are trying to figure out what was wrong, I would look at the entire area. probe various locations and if necessary I would remove a portion of the system.

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