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Demand From Listing Agent - What Would You Do?


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I received a request from a listing agent to meet an electrician at property I had inspected for a buyer a week or so ago. I explained to her that meeting the electrician at the home should not be necessary, as my report clearly documented my recommendations. I contacted my client and told him that me meeting an electrician at the home would not be useful, due to it not being clear what the seller had agreed to fix.

The only documentation I saw stated that "the seller would hire an electrician to repair any electrical issues that are not within code", which in my mind is very vague and subject to interpretation.

Well, I just received a call from the listing agent again asking me if I will be at the home today to meet the electrician. I told her what I explained to my client and she is very upset and demanding that I meet the electrician at the home.

(and that she has never known an engineer that would not be willing to do this without expecting to be compensated for it)

Any opinions on what I should do? I asked my client to copy her on my Emails regarding this to explain why I didn't think meeting the electrician would be useful, but obviously this was not done.

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