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"Brand New" Dishwasher

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I was inspecting a house yesterday and the seller was following me around and constantly interrupting me with extra info about all of the great things that were done to the house. I was getting annoyed and asked her to go relax and told her we will let her know if we have any questions. She did not get the hint.

I was in the kitchen and she interrupted me again to state that the dishwasher was "Brand New." Since she had put me in a bad mood I winked at my client and decided to play with her.

I asked her if it was installed yesterday and did she have the paperwork since it was "Brand New". She said it was less than three years old, isn't that brand new in a 50 year old house? I responded by asking her if she wanted to buy my "Brand New" 2 1/2 year old truck.

She finally quit talking and left the room in a huff. My client and I had a small laugh.

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Hi Steve,

Very clever. You should go to the recalls forum and print out the recall on dishwashers. I keep it inside my clipboard along with other recent recalls, so I'll have them handy. You could have then said, "Oh, new within the past couple of years? Hang on a minute, I've got a manufacturer's recall listing right here of dishwashers made within the past year or so that have been recalled. Let me look and see if it's on the list."

Bet the pucker factor alone would have shut her up.



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ballsie but reserved.....nice approach. I usually avoid any confrontation with the seller, since he or she may be my next client. However, there are the rare isolated instances where I do feel like I have a monkey on my back and must advise the seller that the report is confidential and is between the buyer and the company(me). Followed with a firm but polite excuse us, please.

But I love housedoks' idea with the recall. People seem to think "if it's printed, it must be true".


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