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Artography - Sky Scraping

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That is a cool shot.

I'm intrigued by the fire escape. I've never seen one even half that height. I don't know if I could go on it from mid-point, up. I get nervous on 3 story fire escapes. That's probably because many if not most I inspect are not maintained, are severely rusted and are often pulling away from the wall at one or more areas.

I'm guessing that with a building that size, fire escape maintenance is taken more seriously than it is with the typical slumlord-owned building in my area.

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Thanks for your remarks.

I certainly wasn't inspecting, just walking by. I don't think Chgo. has any scheduled inspection for the fire escapes. Maybe the fire dept. looks at them but I doubt it. Like Joe says, I have never seen one that wasn't severely rusted or pulling away from the bldg. and those were 2 to 3 story jobs.

The photo is all real except for the sky which was a solid grey. The image deserved better so I pasted in the clouds from another pic.

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I've run up and down a couple 12 story jobs. I"m not normally prone to vertigo, but I found myself shaking and panicking....had to stop, lay down, collect myself before I could continue.

There is actually an inspection program for them, but like everything else @ the CCBD, it's a can of worms.

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