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Homeowner wiring 101

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Gotta be a homeowner. Don't think any self respecting electrician would wire up an outdoor heating and cooling unit with one leg to a 15 amp single pole (center) and the other leg to a 20 amp single pole (right).

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Some contractors claim to be licensed, but are actually working under a friend's license.

And paid a small fortune to the friend for the permit so he could take the job.

A friend of mine does that often here.

As far as I know, it's legal.


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Yeah, but Tim:

Realtor swears a licensed electrician connected the wiring for the garbage disposal and cook top in this one.

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Of course the realtor would say that. Think they would seriously tell the truth?

IMHO most realtor are like car salesman - can't believe half the crap they say!

I am surprised that realtor see crap that the homeowners did ( like that) and don't have the Homeowner fix it before listing.

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