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Little Giant XE26

John Dirks Jr

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I have the same ladder and I don't like it at all. I find it difficult to open to full extension unless it's on the ground, and then it is a two man job to tilt it up. It's also difficult to adjust to lesser heights while standing. I much prefer a traditional extension ladder with a rope, that can be easily adjusted while standing.

Maybe I'm using it wrong. Did you extend yours in place or did you extend it and then tip it up?

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I open it up and carry to position, then extend as needed.

Yes that is the best way, but they can still be a brute to erect without tipping back on you and /or taking out a window.

My extension ladder did a dirty trick on me last week. When I started lowering it the rope jumped off the pulley and jammed. I was in a narrow fenced yard. So I had to lower a 26 foot ladder to the ground between a plum tree and a newish Volvo wagon. It felt like it would overbalance and the feet would kick out as I was bringing it down full length like that.

The LG with the heavy extension part on top would be worse. I would consider securing the feet with a bungy cord maybe.

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