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W.R.C.L.A. Offers Free Online Cedar Training

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Hi All,

Seeing a lot of new cedar siding and decks in your area? Want to make sure you know all of the best practices recommended for the installation of cedar products, so you can best serve your clientelle? Need CEU's or MRC's for your organization? Then check out the Online Cedar School at the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association's website.

According to WRCLA's site, taking these courses will provide one with the following benefits:

  • Increased knowledge of wood products in general and particularly Western Red Cedar
  • Provide your clients with the best advice on incorporating this unique and remarkable species in their projects
  • 7 hours of AIA/CES Learning Unit Hours for AIA member architects
According to WRCLS, you'll be gaining knowledge in seven important areas:
  • Forestry 101 Training
  • Wood Properties
  • Wood Manufacturing
  • Wood Products & Grading
  • Cedar Marketing & Promotion
  • Installation of Cedar Siding, Decking, etc.
  • Wood Finishing, Staining & Maintenance
There's something in this course for everyone. I grew up in the construction business and thought I knew everything there was to know about properly installing and maintaining cedar and other types of wood siding. Well, I was wrong. Even I was able to come away from this course with some very useful tidbits that I've since put to use doing inspections on new homes under construction where the siding installers obviously weren't well trained.

It's hard for a builder to argue that his employees are doing a great job when the country's resident authority on cedar siding affirms one's inspection findings to the contrary.

Check it out!



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