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Cabinets, drywall screws?


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I think the OP is talking about cab to cab fasteners.


They are.

I view the prohibition of drywall screws for hanging cabinets in the same way I view roofing manufacturers requiring roof ventilation for warranties or rescinding warranties for people walking on the roof.

It's a reasonable attempt by corporate at keeping monkeyshines and morons to a minimum. Drywall screws lend themselves to monkey shines. Although, I would tend to defy anyone dissing the #10's with Roberts drive. Those things are pretty good.

We've settled on GRK cabinet screws for most stuff; they're pretty good and they're available at Le Depot de Maison.

The other GRK fasteners are nice too. The tip and thread pattern preclude drilling in most cases. All Torx, all the time. You can drive those suckers all the way through a 4x4, literally.

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