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Venting and Insulation for Semi-Vaulted Ceilings

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Is dead wire an issue if left inside a wall or ceiling cavity a danger, no; but is it really dead?

In my opinion, the only way to make sure it is totally dead is to remove it totally.

Most of the time I see K&T it has been a piece meal deal where it has been tapped, spliced, modern wiring added along side, etc.

Even when the house is advertised to be "totally" rewired, I regularly find live K&T. And remember with K&T the one "circuit" likely runs through the entire house. Check a few outlets below windows or other hard to access locations and you will likely find old wiring still in use.

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The presence of abandoned wiring confuses folks, from inspector to sparky to homeowner. It puts an annoying 'what's hot, what's not' question in their heads.


Yes but it could be an unnecessary expense is what I mean.

Most people

(working person,

too old to be in any attic,

scared of spiders,

just plain scared)

will have to hire somebody to dig all that old wire out of the insulation. Because Mr Inspector said so. [:)]

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