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Jimmy Morrison is the kind of guy who refuses to allow friendships go stagnant. He suggested a lunch get-together at a place roughly in the middle of nowhere so that anyone who attends will have about the same distance to drive.

On January 31st, We'll be at the Ithaca Ale House located at 111 N. Aurora St

Ithaca, NY 14850 (607) 256-7977

I'm getting there by 11 AM to secure seating for however many people let us know they're coming. I've never been to the Ithaca Ale House - I thought that if more than four us show up, I'd rather not be known by name to the owners.

Answer here to RSVP to this event, which I'm sure will rival any inspection convention in ACPP (alcohol consumption per person). There are no door prizes.

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I've heard that, and I was considering it. I'm finishing up the reno on the apartment building and I got tenants moving in.....gotta close out the deal and tie a bow on it before I get to NY.

But damn, I wish I could get there. It'd be a good time.

I'm seriously considering booking a room. Lunch is for sissies. If Chad's wife will let him, he should too.

Jimmy is going to dig his way out to get here. He should be in no hurry to get home for the game. Might as well listen to it on the AM station, instead of having to endure the disappointment and have no other escape from watching it.

Booking rooms would also make it worth the trip for the rich old guys like Kurt and Les. That way, Kurt could show Chad the difference between his hand and and his wife's. Really, Kurt? Are you going to take that from a blueberry farmer who would rather shear sheep than watch sports?

Then, there's the riff raff from Pennsyltucky! Bain, Ben, Erby? Skip the uncle daddy day sack race and get up here.

Joe! Bring your recipe book! This guy knows how to eat!

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I'd be hard-pressed to have found a better use for the way too few hours I spent in Ithaca this afternoon. After years of knowing them only on the web, it was really great to actually meet Jimmy, Chad, Gary and Tom in person. They were all I expected and then some. The time went way too quickly.

Click to Enlarge

57.72 KB

Let me guess...from right to left...Joe, Chad, Gary and Jimmy? Tom with the camera.


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