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Condensate drain line into TPR drain line????


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From the IRC

P2803.6.1 Requirements of discharge pipe. The outlet of

a pressure relief valve, temperature relief valve or combina-tion

thereof, shall not be directly connected to the drainage

system. The discharge from the relief valve shall be piped

full size separately to the floor, to the outside of the building

or to an indirect waste receptor located inside the building.

In areas subject to freezing, the relief valve shall discharge

through an air gap into an indirect waste receptor located

within a heated space, or by other approved means. The dis-charge

shall be installed in a manner that does not cause per-sonal

injury or property damage and that is readily

observable by the building occupants. The discharge from a

relief valve shall not be trapped. The diameter of the dis-charge

piping shall not be less than the diameter of the relief

valve outlet. The discharge pipe shall be installed so as to

drain by gravity flow and shall terminate atmospherically

not more than 6 inches (152 mm) above the floor. The outlet

end of the discharge pipe shall not be threaded and such dis-charge

pipe shall not have a valve installed.

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