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Artography - 3 Endeavors

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Of all the stuff you do, I like your gritty street scenes, bridges, graffiti and rooftops. Those things lend themselves to the photograph and contribute the the natural interest for you to work with.

I started to like the hand pic for a second and then it felt contrived when I saw the skull.

I like the (not love) the balloons- this type of photo, in my opinion, is what you do best. A perspective shot from a dirty hallway through an open door which frames a single wooden chair off-center on a stark wall.

I can't decide if I find too much contrast in the third or if it's the yellow streak that bothers me.

Edit: is the third one an interpretation of Munch's "Scream"?

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Thanks all for comments.

#1 is my hand with a pretty bad wound/infection that took 4 doctors and 3 months to figure out. I scraped and got some slivers in my palm in a crawl space and it got worse and worse. I got my right hand back around Christmas. Lesson: Always wear gloves!

I took pictures of my hand about every week out of boredom and fascination.

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46.88 KB

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