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Need instructors for continuing ed class in Calif

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The following is a description of a new continuing education class for Realtors. I'm sure some of TIJs contributors would be qualified to teach this...

New Clock Hour Class:

Marijuana and the Practice of Real Estate

4 Clock Hours

The implications for real estate are numerous. The conflict between state and federal laws create extra considerations. Real estate brokers should be up-to-date on Washington State laws regarding licensed marijuana-related businesses and ensure policies and practices support these new laws. In this class we will learn the following and more:

NWMLS Form 17 regarding the cultivation of marijuana

Red flags of a possible marijuana grow house

Considerations for homeowner associations regarding marijuana

Property management and Section 8 Housing issues

HUD?s Fair Housing interpretations regarding marijuana for medical use

Banking and lending concerns

How to document income for qualification and funds for down payment when your client is involved with a licensed marijuana-related business.

Is your client high? Consent and liability issues

Is your home inspector obligated to disclose signs of a former grow house?

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I can only say that I am proud, as an American, that this has happened in my lifetime. Future generations will look back to this time as one of....uhh....of.....ummm...enlightened pursuit of.....something...........what were we talking about....(?)..........when's dinner?

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