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Dang right, Tom. A middleman between the customer and the tradesman isn't good for business.

It's another threshold crossed in the decline of business these days.

Long ago, in my area, we'd get to know someone and keep them if they were good.


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Not much different that HD or Lowes. My neighbor had a water heater installed by a contractor working for Lowes. He used Sharkbites because he did not know how to solder, and one of the fittings leaked. I mentioned to my neighbor that the TPV extension was too short. He told me the plumber used part of the existing pipe to connect the water heater because he did not bring any pipe. Everything about the installation was wrong.

When my neighbor complained the licensed plumber said "I wonder who else they are sending out under my license". Apparently the guy who installed the water heater usually just installed dishwashers.

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Their feet will be to the fire on this one. Especially if they open the gig to customer reviews and ratings like they do with their product sales. As we all know, seeing contractors get bad online reviews is common. With this idea, Amazon will be depending on humans which are obviously fallible. Much more so than inanimate products.

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