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Stairs or landings

Mike Lamb

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Mike, when I find general stuff, I call it a 'system'.. "The stairset system at the front.. "

"The unorthodox system of framing at the attic pull-down ladder unit" (instead of ceiling joists cut, not headered properly, blah blah)

"The support system in the crawl space has numerous unorthodox elements present .. "

"The equipment ground connection system in the panel is improper and contrary to what the panel manufacturer clearly indicates is proper... "

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I would not get bogged down on the label of whether it is a stairway or a series of landings. I would focus on the possible concerns like if there are tripping hazards, adequate railing, illumination, etc. My client is paying me for my knowledge and opinion. The client does not care about the minutia of the label (like we seem to do).

To be generic maybe you can just call it the concrete walkway to the front entrance.

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