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So I arrive to do a footing inspection and the dialog occurred as follows:

Me: that looks like a footing, so you've decided on a trapezoid shaped addition?

Contractor: blank stare

Me: seriously- can't you see that the footing isn't square?

Contractor: Blood leaves his face

Me: I'm pretty sure this is embarrassing, right?

Contractor yells to crew: Measure the diagonals

Crew: within an 1/8 inch

Contractor smugly: That's perfect in my book

Me: your guy held the tape to the inside corner on one side and the outside corner on the other side.

Contractor: lack of blood leaves face stark white

The photo is the next day for the second footing inspection.

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I made them install foot long pieces of #5 rebar into 6 inch bored holes in the messed up footing on two foot centers. In the first photo you can see Vern and Cletus drilling the holes.

There is #5 bar on 4 foot centers to tie the poured in place wall to the footer. I stuck around for the pour and watched them place the vertical bar.

I followed up with the architect and advised him of the situation and he was OK with the fix.

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