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Can anyone identify these circuit breakers for me?


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I just joined this forum in hopes someone here can identify these breakers on my house. I need to order a new one and don't know what they are called or really how to identify them without having an electrician come out.

Our house was built in 1957 if that helps

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the reply. I just went out and looked under the lid [had to contort myself a bit as the logo was upside down and lid doesn't open a full 90 degrees] but it looked like it said Bulldog Pushmatic so I'd hazard a guess that you are correct.

I didn't realize there would be a logo under the lid :D

Thanks for the info!!!! :D [:-thumbu][:-thumbu][:-thumbu][:-slaphap[:-slaphap[:-slaphap

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Bulldog Pushmatics were generally considered to be a good quality breaker in their time.

You can still buy the breakers on eBay. Be aware that old used breakers will not give you the same protection that new breakers do. Breaker technology has advanced a lot since the 50's.

You should get an electrician to check out that panel and the rest of your wiring.

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Definitely Pushmatic style breakers, but I have never in all my years seen oval ones. Very interesting.

I am very curious to see what the actual breakers themselves say on them.

I do have plans to have the place completely rewired at some point but I have a single breaker that does pop all of the way out when tripped and switch the lettering to 'OFF". The breaker DOES cut the power, And you can feel the difference when pushing it in and out that it's engaging and releasing.

it's just the button doesn't pop out making it readily apparent that that particular breaker is off. All of the other ones will switch the lettering from "ON" to "OFF" as well as expose red lettering on the side of the button that says "OFF"

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