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We haven't had any pithy topics lately, so I thought I might share some photos from the attic of an Adult Care facility I inspected this week.

Dryer and range vent terminate in the attic, a furnace is installed in the attic. I counted about a dozen J boxes without covers and some splices w/o J boxes. All furnace and fireplace vents are covered with lint and grease and most with improper clearances.

It is a firetrap with about 8 elderly residents who might not make it out.

I HOPE the report will force some upgrades. If not, I think I need to report it to somebody but am not sure of the legal ramifications of such a disclosure to whoever the proper authorities are.

Needless to say, the problems were not confined to the attic.

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We had an inspection like that last year November. Our client was also the owner and shut the place down within two hours. To his credit, he called Michigan Dept of Social Service and was able to place all residents (56 people) that same day in other facilities. It went bankrupt within 60days. I wrote a letter to the former owner and he called me to say "it was the right thing to do". He lost everything, but did the right thing. He is my kind of man.

When you find this sort of thing, it makes you believe in our work.

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Jim, that was worded a bit strangely. They purchased it from their lawyer but didn't have an inspection.

Les, It will be interesting to see what the owners decide to do. In any case it does make you feel that there is some real value in this work. If the worst should happen, the owners can no longer claim ignorance. I am hoping the intention of the owners was really to identify and repair the problems, not simply a means to go after the seller.

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