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A new one for me. Little help.

Robert Jones

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Alright guy's. Ran into a HVAC system that I have not seen before. Believe it is a Lendell although one of the other stickers states, Allstyle. This is a condo, built in 1998. Has a sprinkler system installed. Anyone familiar with this brand?

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I'm not familiar with the brand name but it looks like a hydronic heat exchanger with hot water supplied by the water heater.

With these systems, the water heater BTU rating needs to be sized according to the BTU rating on the air handler / heat exchanger. The condition usually means the water heater would have a higher BTU rating than it normally would otherwise. I have found on several occasions that the water heaters in these systems were too small for the demand of the system.

Sometimes, the thermostat on the water heater is turned to the max in order to provide the heat needed for the exchanger. In this case, you should also see a mixing valve to reduce the hot water used for the domestic supply.

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Thanks, Jim


Coil Co L.P. is owned and operated by Lendell Martin, Sr. Mr. Martin

has over 55 years of experience in the HVAC industry. He holds numerous design

patents and is still continually working to develop new products. He has a firm

understanding of both the customer and contractor.

Lendell has a very hands-on approach to the business.

Right, he puts his name on the label.

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