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how to measure joist spacing in attic w/o access

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If you can see some nail heads on the soffit panels, measure the distance between them along the long dimension of the panels. It usually agrees with the rafter spacing, since the lookouts (the 2X4 members that the soffit panels are nailed into) are parallel to the rafters and are generally secured to the rafter tails.


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What is wrong with a "stud finder" ?? Simple and effective.

Then there is the question of why the spacing is being questioned. [:-magnify

Unless the ceiling is layed up plaster or plaster over board a $10 stud finder will do the job.

Then you could take a strong magnet and find out where it will will hold to ceiling, that is a nail/screw. I have a gismo that is a magnet in a plastic box that does basically the same thing, magnet points to metal though its about 45 years old but it works (simple and stupid--KISS). PS- No batteries required and will work in the dark.

Then there is the thump the ceiling and the higher pitch is the stud. Drive a nail to verify then repeat and measure....

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