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garage floor finish

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I would like some suggestions to blotch up my garage floor into an un-uniform mosaic of whatever. Not necessarily looking for something that's easy to clean but that's fine too. I'm looking for something to mask all the oil and other crap I've spilled and will continue to spill on it. I'm dragging jacks with metal wheels and beating on chunks of metal with hammers and stuff.

What can I throw down to blend in all the chaos going on?

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Start off by cleaning the surface and absorbed oil that is in the concrete. I have found that the standard shop dry clay absorbent when ground down into a power over the stain in the floor will remove it.

Typically I just use my boot and my weight to grind the absorbent into and over the area. Then let it sit for a while, its works well. To do large areas I might try a floor buffer(though I haven't tried it) to replace my foot and allow it to grind the absorbent down into a powder and make the better contact with the floor. PS- Wear a mask, think it may kick up a lot of dust.

If you are abusing the shop floor I don't think the epoxy will hold up. Are you going to buff smooth your floor jack wheels and mop over the floor before you start using a floor jack so that you aren't grinding the dirt/sand into the surface ?

Then there is the idea of cleaning the floor getting the stains out then looking for a stain/sealer that will be absorbed into the concrete.

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I'm with the acid stain idea. I used it in two houses I built and it is quick and fairly easy and yields a mottled finish. If you really want it mottled you could do two different colors. I'm not sure how well it will hold up to heavy abuse but sounds like that may not be an issue. It won't delaminate since it actually etches the color into the surface of the concrete. I likely won't react with the oily areas though, I would be trying to clean that first to get as much color as possible. Worst case is you don't like the look and you can alway do the other ideas.

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