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Trees have the right of way here

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Last night I got back from spending two days at Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, PA. It's the largest free admission amusement park in the country and has been family-owned since its start in 1926. It takes its history seriously, and values its trees immensely. It's a beautiful, wooded park in the hills of Northumberland County Pennsylvania. There are a number of buildings and structures that they built around trees, rather than cutting the trees down. Here's an example:

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If anyone is within a few hours drive, you should go and spend a day there - even if you don't go on a single ride. Ther are tons of cool things to see and do. It's such an amazing and well-run place, and a good example of a management philosophy that is long-term oriented, instead of quarterly profit driven.

Here's a neat feature. This waterwheel, attached to the Old Mill ice cream stand is the power that's turning the canopy:

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