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HELP! My vents ocassionally have spit out oily wet nasty air that gets everything coated with an oily residue like i sprayed my condo down with Pam cooking spray.

its got wet marks on my subfloors where the vents are... my carpets had to be removed from all the problems..

first contractrors say its vents sweating, then due to sewage back up, lastly one contractor asked if i had probelms with upstairs neighbor... i said YES he is a creepy jerk he hacks into my computer and some other creepy stalking stuff.... the last contractor said the vents go up they dont stop at my condo and he is probable pouring somthing down them... whatever it is.. it makes me sick, loose my memory and gives me chemical burns on my skin..

can i have the actual air duct tested to see if this creep is poruing freon down my vents??? some of my vents have a white powdery coating al ove them ,,, they all have a little but just today some of them are totally covereed in the white powdery stuff HELP!!!!!! HELP !!!! PLEASE!!!

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