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Raheem Guardian


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I am a new home owner. I'd like to ask a question about the water heater: a Rheem Guardian PRO40-40FV SN: 0305515657 (gas fuelled conventional natural draft vented functional unit). I understand from other discussion threads that the serial number indicates a March 2005 production date.

I'd be grateful for any background information on these units. How long do they typically last? What kind of efficiency rating do they have? I'm trying to figure out if I should replace before I move in. i.e.. will it stop working sooner than later; could it critically fail; and based on efficiency I want to estimate the cost benefit of going to another system.



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Failure means leaks. Sometimes the leaks are drips, sometimes the thing blows and it's ten gallons a minute all over the house.

Water heaters used to last a long time. Now, it's about 10-12 years and out. Of course, several last longer than that, but if you're playing probabilities (which is a bad way to think about water heaters), you should be figuring the jig is up.

Just replace the thing. There's lots of options.

Payback is relative to what your gas bills are and how much hot water you use, and every time I've run numbers, it's all peanuts. Gas is cheap. If you gotta go green, get water saver shower heads and all the rest of the stuff. Otherwise, just get a heater and get on with life.

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Thank you both Leighton and Kurt. Yours answers are solid advice. :-) Moving on to the next question...what to replace it with...

Is this the correct forum to ask about replacements?

I want long term value for money. Are the tankless options worth it? I received a quote today for a Navien-210. $4800+gst (installed). Or should I stick with the same and go with a replacement tank?

I understand the basic pros and cons of tankless. 10s hot water lag-time for the tankless. But you only heat when you use the water therefore good savings. However, my household consists of 2 families (mine and tenants in the suite) with washer in both; as well as 3 bathrooms. I'm assuming not all would be used at the same time. Never the less, can a tankless support that potential use?

Or are there decent offerings in the plain old tank options to allow heat savings to occur?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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If it's located in the garage or somewhere damage wouldn't occur once it fails, I wouldn't replace it until I had to. If it's located inside the house, I'd have to weigh the pro's and con's, e.g. if it fails, what's it going to cost me.

Where is it located? Does it have a pan with a large drain pipe installed?

Tankless water heaters aren't worth it, especially on retro fit installations. I tried to make a tankless unit make sense in my house, ran some calculations, was able to do the entire installation and all utility upgrades myself, and decided I wouldn't recoup my costs. I'lll assume that replacing what you have with another tanked unit will cost appx. 1k. $4500 for a tankless unit- not a chance.

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My experience is savings never accrue due to children and tenants taking endless showers. I also saw my water bill spike due to previously mentioned endless showers.

And the 10s lag time is 30 seconds or more depending on how far you are from the tank. And the kitchen hot water "doughnut". Maybe they've figures that part out by now.....

They're really cool in the lab where they come up with all these stats. In your house, not so much.

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You guys make life easy. Or atleast decisions about whether or not to buy a tankless water heater.

Thanks again for the advice.

Re: Brandon - where is it? It's in the house. There is a pan and drain although I'm not sure of the flow rate of the drain.

I think I'll keep an eye on sales and grab a unit when it goes on sale.

Thanks again all.

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