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Catalan Arch


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The link on the video says this:

Four to five buckets of sand (1 buckets = 20 liters) per sack of lime (one sack of lime = 25 kilos).

Four sacks of lime per sack of cement (one sack of cement = 50 kilos). and multiplied by the portion of sand.

Depending on the thickness of the sand, Sand very thin there is put four to five buckets to a sack of lime. When the sand is very thick you lay three buckets depending on the consistency that you want to give the mixture.

Nothing special. It seems like it's more about skill than a special formula.

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I'd have to convert it all to shovels and lbs to know, but it sounds like a high lime mix.

Special isn't part of the equation. It's all sand, lime, cement, and water in varying proportions. Nothing's special, except the guy mixing the mud and placing the brick.

The guys a proletariat Brunelleschi.

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