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Yes, we've noticed that. It's due to my experimentation with the [dropcap] feature for starting paragraphs or sentences. It shows OK in the article, but in those little teaser boxes, it's omitted....some kind of formatting thingie.

For those that have registered, thanks much. It's really helpful. I'm learning my way around the Dashboard in WordPress, and I need practice.

Which BTW.....

WordPress. What a completely cool piece of software. Unbelievably cool. I'd played with it a bit, but now I'm in deep and am blown away by it's completeness. It's free, there's umpteen thousands of templates to choose from (I think mine is called "Old Paper"), the templates are a hundred (or so) bucks, and there's any number of youngsters out there that will tweak the templates into whatever you need for about a grand. It's amazing.

It's so good, the world should just decide it's the standard for this sort of thing and forget the other stuff.

Anyone else using it thoroughly? How 'bout the Dashboard? Is that cool or what?

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I used it for a couple years to do everything. Now Mike is in the driver's seat but I still use WP to do content and media.

The invite went through but if you're asking about a cert, no. No cert.

What would I do with a cert? If it's pretty, I'd put it on my site to help convince folks I'm smart.


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