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RV Ground-Neutral Bonding


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OK, not a HI question but I figured with all the really smart people here I can ge an answer to "is it safe?".

We took the RV out last weekend to a National Forest Campground, meaning no hook ups. I took my Honda EU2000i along to be able to run the microwave a few times.

So, the first time I go to use it the Progressive Industries Portable Electrical Management Systems (EMS) shuts off all electric to the RV due to an "open ground" error. Now, I have used this generator for years on all our RV's (all small pop ups) with no issues, but it has only been the past two campers that I have installed this EMS in. I was able to turn the EMS off and I was able to make breakfast, but I bought the EMS for protection.

So, I come back and start doing research and find this web page - Generator Ground-Neutral Bonding, and I have one question - is his "Ground-Neutral Plug" safe to use?

If your want ot see what teh RV looks like, here is one for sale that is the same

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Is the plug on your generator a 3-wire or 4-wire plug?

Is there an adapter between generator and RV?

I'm guessing your RV has a 3 prong plug for generator hookup. If so, you might try taking a long screwdriver with a ground lug on it as ground rod for your generator. Use that little ground screw at the lower left corner of the generator instrument panel.

Ok, now that I've done my homework, the article you linked in your post makes sense.

I consider the G-N plug safe to use but only on that particular brand/model of generator and only if you use that generator for an RV or for any combination of discrete loads like power tools or appliances (like a window AC unit). If you use that generator to feed any electrical distribution system other than an RV, remove the G-N plug, otherwise you may end up overheating some ground wires as well as expose yourself to any of several electrical hazards.

If you purchase another inverter type generator (solid state equivalent of a mechanical rotor/stator generator), check with the manufacturer and determine whether the unit has an internal bonding connector between ground and neutral. If it does, don't use the G-N plug on it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to attempt to give myself a swift kick in the butt.

No, I won't be needing any help, thank you.


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Thanks guys!!

Like I said, I have used this generator many times in the past before I started installing this EMS on my RV's. I like the protection it provides, especially the High & Low Voltage Protection as well as the Frequency Protection.

I don't like altering things unless I know the outcome, thus I'm not really enamored with permanently modifying the generator.

This seems like a simple easy work around for the few times this issue would rear it's head, I just wanted to make sure it was safe.

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