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Need help identifying this boiler


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I need some help from our Northern brethren! I'm trying to identify this boiler, I might see one or two every other year and I had two this week! The name on it is HESco Industries. I have found that they are/were a distributor for many brands of boilers. I could not find any data plates or anything that would identify this thing? I'm pretty sure everything in on the backside which you can't access. It is for forced hot water heat for 12 apartments with cast iron radiators.

If anyone can provide the brand, approx. age based on the design, etc. that will be more than I have or know.

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Very well could be a Lochinvaar jacket then.

Tough to say on age. Most will cite 30-35 years, but water quality, flushing maintenance, etc., etc., play a part.

When you see the rust stains coming out from under the cabinet like in that one pic, there's draft issues, draft issues often means blockage in the coil, which means the copper is all crapped out and corroded.

I usually tell folks to run them 'til they die but don't be surprised when it does.

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