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Scammer alert

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Beware guys.

I just had an attempt to get me to front fees to the "seller" after I charged the "buyer" my fee plus some extra amount for my trouble.

The person contacted me through an inspector referral site via email which is unusual for me since I rarely get calls or emails from the various "find and inspector" sites.

The person only wanted to handle business via email since they were "hearing impaired"

There was also no address for the property, only a vague description with details promised later.

Then after the 2nd or third email they accepted my fee but needed to ask me a "favor" regarding the funds.

The "Property Manager" was supposed to send me a key after they received funds from me....

This began to stink about half way through the letter which was almost illegible due to poor grammar and wording.

My response was No.

This was the original communication:

A message has been sent to you via www.InspectorSeek.com ? a InterNACHI owned website.

The sender also checked the ?I would like to book an inspection.? box.


Hello am Cheryle,I am currently searching for a Home Inspector,I will like to know your service hours please get back to me as soon as possible.

Sent by: ?Cheryle Garland?

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