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Winter Cabin Fever Sets In


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Hi Guys,

Saw a short evening magazine type program the other night that had this on. Took a while to find it.

Someone sure has a whole lot of time on his/her hands. I can't imagine that he's running this thing on a continuous loop or the neighbors would be complaining about the noise and ready to throttle him/her.

I envisioned a laid-off computer programmer sitting around the house with nothing to do and a severence check that had been eating a hole in his pocket that he blew on this. It had to have taken weeks to program all of that, string those lights and then hook them all up to whatever is controlling that - not to mention what it must have cost.

Maybe he's the same guy that programmed the water/light show at the Bellachio in Vegas!



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Hi Brian,

As it turns out, this was not the start of something but just another episode in something that's been going on for a long, long time. I did a web search on christmas lighting and you'd be amazed at the volume of stuff out there on the topic. A couple of examples are this site, which basically is a display light critic's site and then there's this one which has photos of lots and lots of homes - all trying to outdo the other. Jeesh! Well, guess everyone has to have a hobby.

OT - OF!!!


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