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Is this Panel to code?


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Originally posted by sleuth255

Thanks for the input! However, the panel is recessed about 3" back from the wall. Technically, isn't that a violation then? [:(]

Still, access is excellent and the covers of both panels are easily removed. Does that count for anything?

The clear space is from the front panel if enclosed...so yes, if recessed 3", it would be a "technical violation". I've never seen an install like yours on a new home. If I did I would call it and expect the builder to rectify it. On an existing home, I would let it go. As you stated "access is excellent and the covers of both panels are easily removed". It's safe. It's functional. Where are those bigger fish that need frying?

BTW...what is that set-up? A generator panel?

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As Bill & Richard have said, it's a small technical violation that doesn't really end up affecting much of anything.

I'll bet that the wall was constructed around the panel. If you had the opportunity to catch this as it was happening, it'd be worth heading off the problem. Now that it's done, I wouldn't worry about it. The time, effort and cost to correct would be wildly out of proportion the benefit that you'd gain.

One other thing I've learned. As a home inspector, when you see something like this, it's always a red herring that the house jinn put there to distract you from a bigger issue. Every freaking time. When you see something like this, step back, clear you head and look for the real problem.

- Jim Katen

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