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Got some swayback going on


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1964 built. There's about 8 cracks around the perimeter foundation. Some are only 5 feet apart. Most are a little wider at the top. No footers for the piers. You can see the dip in the siding and it correlates with the dip in the kitchen floor.

Is this par for a house this old or time for a geotech?

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That much settling is not so unusual here after 50 yrs of service.

I've never seen a house with piers so closely spaced.

Time for a re-level with shims on the piers and poured pilings beneath the grade beams (linear foundation).

Disregard the lack of footing. It's been 50 yrs.


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I suggest they could pull the downspouts out of the perimeter drain system. I assume there is just the one drain around the exterior foundations. The downspouts should flow into their own drain pipe. Even so, the crack in the pic is a non-issue.

There is certainly no shortage of support for that floor. With that many piers, footings under the piers are maybe not that necessary.

As suggested, a few piers may have settled to cause that dip in the interior portion of the floor.

If the roof line is fairly straight, I would not place too much emphasis on dips in the siding.

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