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Newbie looking to become licensed - new law impact

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Good Day!

I am looking into becoming a Home Inspector and would like to know what impact the new legislation has had on the education and re-education requirements.

Are there any recommended education courses? I am in Essex County.

Are there any internet courses accepted by NJ for education/re-education?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hi Joe,

"...what impact the new legislation has had on the education and re-education requirements."

Don't know yet.

"Are there any internet courses accepted by NJ for education/re-education?"

No. The following are the only approved education providers for initial licensure:

Bergen County Academies

Hackensack, NJ

Phone: 201-343-6000 ext 2288 or 2289

Web: www.bergen.org

Building Inspector's Career Institute, Inc.

Robbinsville, NJ

Phone: 609-490-0022

Web: http://www.inspectoreducation.com


Home Inspection Institute

Hackensack, NJ



Middlesex County Vocational & Technical Schools

East Brunswick, NJ

Phone: 732-257-3300 ext 1920


Morris County School of Technology

Denville, NJ

Phone: 973-627-4600

Web: www.mcvts.org

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Your best move is to attend the next NJALPHI meeting; it's held in Garwood; most members are willing to answer questions. It's a mix of people who belong to different associations so you may be able to get different opinions.


Here's the official state website on home inspections; you can pretty much see what's been happening for the past several years.



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Originally posted by Joe the Builder

Thank you all for the responses.

I believe that I will be attending the next NJALPHI meeting, unfortunately for me there isn't one until February.

Then again, with the course schedules fixed, it does not seem like too much of a wait... lol

Can I, as a non-member, attend a NJALPHI meeting?

Thank you all again,



You can attend as a non-member for $25. If you decide to join that night, the money will be credited to your membership dues. The cost for students is only $50/year. Inspectors are $100/year. The bottom line is that the Board has priced it to encourage people to join and not pay as you go because we are all volunteers and it reduces paperwork when we can just verify members as they come into the meetings.

We are doing our best to keep the costs as low as possible. Our Board and Officers are all vounteers. The speakers are mostly vounteers. The Westwood runs a cash bar at the meetings so they can keep the room rental costs lower.

NJALPHI has well over 200 members and we are still growing.

Say hello at the next meeting.

Good Luck in Home Inspection!

Steve H.

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Originally posted by Joe the Builder


Bob Villa is my twin brother - same father different mothers...

He calls me all the time for pointers... [:D]



Thank you for the response.

As a curiousity, about how many attend the monthly meetings?


Usually between 100-125 at each meeting. The averages are increasing as our membership grows.

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Oh... THAT Bob... he is my other twin brother...



You can remove Morris County from the list.

Email response to my inquiry:

Mr. XX,

Thank you for your interest in our program.

We are not currently offering the Home Inspector Program...I am not sure if we will reinstitute it next fall, but you may try Bergen Tech in Hackensack or Middlesex County Tech which each offer the approved program.

Kenneth Williams

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