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We added the diverter flashing!


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You just cant make this stuff up... They are so proud that they had diverter flashing added to their home. Nobody has ever said a word about how the roof to wall flashing is installed! Not the folks that put in the diverter flashing or the home inspector that did the inspection last week! So now I come in for the EIFS inspection and everyone is surprised that I'm being so picky!

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how common that is

when discussing with the contractor i ask 1 question

how do you keep water out of your high top boots when your rain britches are tucked in side

dunno is the usual reply

i have a reinspect image somewhere they use the step/kickout as a kickup

horizontally installed

i just shook my head & owner/client couldn't understand what was wrong either

some days are really just funner than others

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