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garage door

John Dirks Jr

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The arm could be mounted lower down on the door to gain a few inches. A garage door professional can fix that.

As far as the track length goes, they are standard sizes matched for the height of the door. I suppose someone could install a short track on a tall door out of ignorance, but I don't think that is the case here.

Correction -Tom and Mycroft say the track is too short and I shall bow to their sharper powers of observation. [:)]

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This garage door does not open fully. Can the pull arm be adjusted to correct this? Is the chain track too short? Whats happening here?

45 seconds with a tape measure would tell you the answer.

Based solely on the picture, it looks like the bottom section of the door isn't even halfway around the upper bend, so you need to raise the door about 9-10 more inches. I doubt that you gain that much distance by moving the arm. It looks like you can get another 4-5 inches there before the door hits the angled section of the arm.

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