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I see this a lot here in the pacific northwest. It looks a lot like yellow fiberglass insulation and mostly seems to show up around modern casement window sash, which have a weatherstrip attached to the edge of the sash near the exterior, and another attached to the frame facing the interior of the sash. Whatever-it-is gets in between the two weatherstripping lines and makes this stuff. The owner of this house thinks it's some kind of spider.

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Thailand...Asia....it's all the same....

Thought this was pretty good. Snapped yesterday from Chendu, Sichuan paper.....rough translation from in house counsel..... "he's popular because he is a media star and knows how to talk to his people, and his supporters are upset with American political situation and he understands this and knows how to talk to these people"......

Or something vaguely similar. My paraphrasing of 'Mei's translation may not be completely accurate, but overall, it seems like actual reportage. Oooops....I may have violated TIJ's anti politics rule.....

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