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Refinishing red oak hardwood flooring

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I'm in the process of refinishing a 100 sq. ft. hardwood floor, and will be using Bona Mega as the finish. I haven't decided on a sealer yet; Bona Seal is sold in gallon sized containers only, and all I need is a quart. Are any of you aware of a good alternative?

I've read that a sealer isn't absolutely required-- any thoughts on skipping the sealer altogether and just sanding the lifted wood grains after the first coat of Mega?

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I use sealer on furniture and cabinets. Sealer sands beautifully and quickly. On difficult-to-sand projects like a chair or an entire kitchen it's worth its weight in gold.

For floors though, I just sand between coats of finish. On floors where the wood is in good or better condition, I skip sanding between coats 1 and 2 and just sand between 2 and 3.

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My initial plan was to use Pallmann Magic Oil 2k : http://www.pallmann.us/products/product ... l-2k-2003/

I probably would have tried the stuff if I planned on sticking around.

It's a little too late now, I just put down the first coat.

My wife and dog are mad at me, and my son got shipped off to my parents place. Trying to keep everyone away from the dining room that cuts the house in half isn't easy.

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