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Transformer hidden in wall cavity


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I know this is wrong, a little help in all the specifics please.

I just came across two different locations with low voltage transformers supplying undercounted lights plugged into standard duplex outlets hanging inside the wall cavity with the spring loaded access covers over the rough hole in the drywall.

I already have the loose outlets that must be secured to the structure. What else am I missing?

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Looks like a sloppy handyman's work. What are the yellow wirenuts for?

Those are connecting the transformer to the low voltage wiring to the lights.

Too bad he didn't just set that up in the attic. Although there would be a heat issue up there. Maybe we need better code rules for low voltage lighting.

I would use the same installation guidelines as we see for doorbell ringers. Transformer open to the air, maybe in a closet or the laundry room. Usually the lighting transformer is hung under the cabinet.

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