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Realtor appeal to Home Inspectors


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Got this email today. Been retired for ten years but still get appeals. This may or may not appeal to anyone but I thought it merited a viewing. You may or may not be aware of this but I thought it interesting.

Good morning. I was actually supposed to get in touch with you in your office today but I figured it would be easier to email you first. My company is actually looking for a good Inspection Company that our Real Estate Agents can refer to their homebuyers that need to get a home inspection done. My company The National Real Estate Association focuses on teaching our Real Estate Agents that one of the first things they need to do is set up a team with a good Home Inspector to help out their clients and make sure they are moving into a quality home. Because of that we have a lot of consumers that are always looking for a good home inspector to work with immediately. So basically we just wanted to find a few home inspectors in the area that will work with our Real Estate Agents to help them out. By having a few Inspectors on our site in each area it ensures there are no RESPA violations so you have nothing to worry about in that respect. For the most part we just wanted permission to recommend you to them, make sure our Real Estate Agents have your contact info for their clients, they know what serives you offer and that you?re willing to do inspections for their clients.

The main thing we?re trying to accomplish here is we teach the Real Estate Agents we work with if they team up with a good Home Inspector it really helps out their clients. A home inspection is never about finding the cheapest inspector. It needs to be about finding a quality inspector that will do a thorough job inspecting the property so they know what they are getting when they decide to submit an offer on the house. So we?re putting together NREA recommended Home Inspectors for them to use for every one of their clients.

Just to be clear we don?t charge you referral fees or fees when our Real Estate Agents recommend you or when you do inspections. We simply ask that you become an affiliate member of the NREA and keep your bio and info current and up-to-date. It?ll take you about 2 minutes to fill out your profile and we?ll start recommending you immediately. All you need to do is go to http://nationalrealestateassociation.com/ on your phone or computer and click ?Get Listed Now? on the homepage to become an affiliate that we can recommend. We?re only looking for a few Home Inspectors in the state to work with so please just spend the 2 minutes to become an affiliate member so we can refer you to all of our home buyers and Real Estate agents. This will let us know how they should contact you and see your page as well as your bio as a Home Inspector so they know exactly who they will be working with.

Once you have your profile created we?ll be able to start referring you to our Real Estate Agents and homebuyers right away. Also once you have created your profile you can let everyone know that your inspection company is approved by The National Real Estate Association. We look forward to hopefully working with you and having you as our newest NREA Approved Home Inspector.


Allison Cromwell




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I just got it again today. Here's what I replied...not that I expect them to bother:

Real estate agents have an inherent conflict of interest with buyers in regard to choice of home inspector and should never get involved in that regard.

Granted I replied in haste.


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