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It looks like google earth pro is now free. Is is it better than the regular google earth I've been using? All I really need to do is look at houses so I can judge site and building design, location and orientation. If any of you have used both programs, maybe you know. Will pro be better at doing this?

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I use Pictometry. It has lot line overlays, a measuring tool, and an area tool.

Here's an image I used to prove there wasn't adequate separation between the septic and the well... or legal access to the property.

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Their site tells me everything about it except the cost. What's it cost?

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EagleView is a little different- I use that to calculate material costs if I'm carrying tools for a living. It's an amazingly accurate program. It'll give you roof sq feet, rake edge, eave edge, valley and gutter distances. If you're siding, it will provide wall area as well. On a per use basis it's between $20 and $40 depending on the depth of the query. I'll spend 20 bucks to save two or three hours and a truck trip to a job site.

I get Pictometry as a tool to use as a code official. It's free to the Town. It doesn't work outside my 7 county area.

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