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Tannic Acid & Copper Roof Sheets


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I wanted to get some opinions on brown staining on copper roof sheets caused from tannic acid from oak trees and leaves.

Is it something to be worried about, or just a visual effect and normal characteristics of a copper roof?

If it's something to be worried about would it be best to strip the patina and seal the copper?

I recently looked at a copper roof on a home built where the home owner and home itself are real tree huggers! Lol, see picture below! This homeowner built the home around the natural landscape and wants to disturb the trees as little as possible. So cutting the limbs back away from the home is not an option. There're a lot of tree limbs over the copper roof and lots of valleys that are plugged with leaves leaving a lot of brown staining.

Also, I got these pictures with my new Phantom 4. I'm still testing it out, but and presently surprised every time I use this thing! It takes incredible photos, videos and is pretty easy to fly. I plan to do a better review on it soon.

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73.48 KB

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