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Anyone got a 1997 UBC?


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Interested in chapter and verse re. mandatory clearance of the bottom edge of a stucco exterior cladding from grade and from flatwork.

Some numbskull built a house with an inner courtyard with in-ground pool surrounded by the house on one side, a high concrete wall on the other, a cabana on the other and an open patio on the fourth. The pool is surrounded by a huge expanse of stamped concrete that goes right up to the structure on all sides and is placed with the top surface about two inches higher than the bottom edge of the stucco cladding,''

Know what to write, just looking for the citation to back me up. It's R703.6.2.1 in the 2003 IRC but I want to go back to the 97 UBC which is what was in place around here until about 1993.

If you have it, please shoot the verbiage to hausdok@msn.com

Many thinks in advance.

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page 12-13

http://www.tsib.org/pdf/plaster-assembl ... s-lath.pdf

1973 UBC weepscreed & grade clearance


Description: A solid flange product used at base of framed wall to separate plaster from earth. Prevent capillary action from ground water up framed wall and allow moisture to any incidental moisture that finds its way behind the plaster to "weep" out. First established as a requirement from the Federal Housing Authority for stucco homes (originally called FHA screed) and appears first time in the 1973 Uniform Building Code.

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when conventional stucco is applied over masonry direct & sub grade contact seems to be the ahj accepted norm in tx & the 4 surrounding states i've inspected or installed in

nothing i'm aware of has changed & not in my reporting regardless of substrate type

more here: http://www.stuccoguru.com/resources/art ... sourceID=3


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