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CPSC, Announces Recall of Tower Heater Fans


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On August 11th 2005, CPSC and The Holmes Group Inc., recalled about 180,000 tower heater fans for a potential fire hazard. According to the manufacturer, the power cord on the units can fray or sever causing the fan to stop working and overheat. This could pose a fire hazard to consumers. As of the date of the original notice, The Holmes Group had received 98 reports of minor property damage to the surface under the heater but no injuries have been reported.

The units involved are the Holmes® models HFH6498-U, HFH6500-U and HFH6500TG-U and Bionaire® model BFH3530-U with a date code 2604 through 3804 for all units, except for Holmes® model 6500TG-U, which has date codes ranging from 2604 through 4704. The model and date code can be found on the silver label on the back of the unit.

The heater fans are 26 inches tall; come in all gray, two-tone gray, or black and gray; and have either the word Holmes® or Bionaire® printed on the front of the base.

Though inspectors don't normally inspect this type of appliance, it would be a shame if a client's new home were to burn down prior to closing because the seller was unaware of this hazard, so inspectors seeing one of these units should consider, as a courtesy, informing the homeowner and advising him/her to stop using the heater and contact The Holmes Group for instructions on receiving a replacement.

For additional information, call The Holmes Group at (800) 593-4269 anytime or visit the firm’s Web site at www.holmesheaterrecall.com.

To view the original CPSC notice and to see photographs of the recalled heaters click here.

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