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New Construction, sloppy valleys

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Hi Guys,

I guess the title says it all. This is a brand new home. Would any of you have an issue with the way these shingles were cut? No leaks in the attic and it was raining a lot the day of the inspection.

Would you be worried the uncut shingles in the valley would allow for water to get underneath?

Is it even worth calling the builder to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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I'd write it up if there is metal under it. If galvanized metal flashing is kept wet for a few days it starts to rust. It has to be able to dry.

If it's not metal, I'd look elsewhere for other corroborating evidence of sloppy workmanship on the house and put it all together in a single write up.


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I am in the minimalist school of inspection and that would get a prominent place in the report. lots of wrong things there. I would write ".......valley is improperly configured and has been patched. repair asap." betcha there is not much under the shingles/flashing matl.

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