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Near as I can tell, it's the next iteration of the Casey Inspect-o-Mania machine, previously the Dynamic Duo, although the O'Malley character seems to have been replaced by the guy with the extraterrestrial name that's got the recall check thing. Throneberg or something like that.

There's overtones of the Branding debacle in the marketing method. I'm not opposed to someone cashing in on HI education, but the offerings are heavy on mold stuff and techno-dweebery.

And that Sign o' the Horns thing on the cover and elsewhere in the mag....I feel like Ed Tom Bell....how'd it get this weird? Are my peers really the bunch of dweebs portrayed in the magazine?

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Dio horns! There's one I never expected to read here! Didn't know we had headbangers in the group. He was from Binghamton. Never met him. Have friends who knew him. I did on many occasions, shoot hockey pucks at Joey Belladonna, (Bellardini to us) (Anthrax) when we were kids. He grew up in the neighborhood, and was a very good goalie. Dio horns. Ha!

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