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good article Kurt

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Stellar writing. There's subtle lessons in there for most readers that go beyond high-rises and condo's, like 'see how little you actually know' and 'everything you thought you knew is wrong'.

Reminds me of a term I learned just a few days ago that's pandemic in our profession: Bystander Effect. Folks uninformed tend to accept what groups believe in order to feel accepted by the group. Truth takes a vacation.


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Kurt gets the A+ grade for this assignment.

I take some comfort in the comments of a geologist in a New Yorker story about a fossil-hunting trip in New Jersey. The reporter asked the scientist who led the fossil excursion what he thought about the strip-mall style buildings they sat among while eating ice cream on a break.

The scientist gave a dismissive wave of the hand and said, "We just call all of this kind of stuff 'ephemera', as it will not last long and will leave few traces."

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Ha! It was sort of an assignment. Frank called and asked me to write a condo inspection article, so I did.

I appreciate all the comments very much. I spitball stuff constantly, sometimes it works and sometimes it's really bad. This one ended up sounding like I wanted it to, and when other people hear it, it's the coolest thing.

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