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E & O Insurance question ?!?!

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Soo I have had E & O insurance in the state of Texas for a couple years with the company Superior. Couple years back I had a lady that sued me, insurance company, builder, anyone involved... Wanted 3 million for 100k home, I noted everything needed about foundation and she thought I was a fortune teller gypsy who could see the future. She got nothing from basically anyone, except superior paid like 17k for whatever reason but it was not on my behalf.

So on my renewal application they added into it a note about that situation, my yearly dues were still at around 950$ but my deductible went from 2,500 to 5000 mandatory..

I'm just curious what other people pay on average and what deductible they have for that price range, from what I've read the average for established inspectors is around 1000-1500, just don't know deductible.


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2 million , 100k per case & aggregate. (If you are wondering why so high, Some Companies I inspect for require 2 mil.... :/ )

I don't really know why they did, they wouldn't really explain stangly.

Limits of 300,000 with 2,500 deductible cost me about $1,700/yr. It has been as high as over $3,000 in the past, but mostly because of my tendency to be faithful to a vendor instead of shopping around every year.

I guess you could say that this high rate is a reflection on Louisiana HI's.


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