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Damaged wiring insulation repair

Jerry Simon

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My house is wired with modern thermoplastic-covered wiring in EMT (pipe).  Ceiling is roughed-in for ceiling fan.  When I went to install a ceiling fan, one of the six wires coming out of the pipe arced on the sharp edge of the end of the pipe; blew the breaker.  There is no extra wire here, and I can't get the damaged part of the wiring insulation out of the pipe to tape. Scissor truss above ceiling junction box, and can't (easily) access.

I'm thinking of filing about the last 1" of the end of the pipe with clear silicone caulk; that will coat any areas of damaged wiring insulation.  Once dry, I'm thinking this might be adequate.  'Course, I've never thought about whether or not dried silicone caulk would be a good insulator.  Thoughts?


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