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Need advice from all experience levels

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Hello everyone, i am new to this forum. I am glad to have been able to find a place where so many great inspectors can give me some advice. I am currently changing careers and have been thru some home inspections from purchasing  homes and selling. I decided to move to Georgia and enroll in Carson Dunlop to learn home inspection. I know I have no previous experience in this field so I feel somewhat a challenge. I know there are many videos etc. and there are education you can continue to learn even after the training of all 10 courses, but i am thinking about either trying to get a mentor in the area to help me learn better. Does anyone else have any advice? I would appreciate any positive feedback thanks.

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Call all the home inspectors in your area and ask if any of them are thinking of selling their business or retiring in the next year. If you find someone that fits into that description, then see if you can work out a deal with that inspector to come in and go with them, learn the business, meet their contacts, etc and at the end of a certain amount of time you can buy them out. Some amount up front and 25% for the first year or something like that. This way you get real experience and an established business in the end. 

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