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Close encounter with a wild animal

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So, on Jan 1 the wife and I did a float. Pretty dang cold in the shady canyons, but once out in the sunshine we felt like we were next to the pool at some fancy hotel. There we sat minding our own business when I saw a young buck coming towards us from upstream on the right where those larger rocks are. It kept coming towards us. Mentioned to my wife to keep still and don't slurp your beer, a deer is coming, where she says? Right next to the water. Can't see it in this photo, but it came right up to that mound in front of us before it got that wtf look and started moving off to the right looking a little embarrassed for not spotting us earlier.
Boy, that was a close one. ha


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[:)] Coulda been a griz, then you might have wanted to make some noise.

Denny, I'm jealous, my house is surrounded by 5" of frozen snow.:-(

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A good realtor who knew I retired in October called me yesterday trying to sucker me into an inspection. Explained no insurance, etc. She finally gave up. It twere the best job I ever had, yet feels great to be done with it all. I'll be 65 in April. My wife is retiring in a month. That's when extended trips will start. We're going to stay a month at Lake Tahoe in March. Also, gots me a crewcab pu (poor mans motorhome) for extended travel/campouts.

My wife drove the pu to the take-out for this float trip while I was putting the raft together, parked it, then rode the 45 minutes back on her mtn. bike, which is sitting in the back of the raft.

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